Spectral Familiar

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Spectral Familiar
TypeFriendly monster
Health points40 (Heart.svg × 20)

The Spectral Familiar is a creature added by Witchery mod. This creature is a spirit that may help out witches and warlocks, mainly by finding ore blocks. It may be summoned by performing a Rite of Summoning. They do not deal any damage. Spectral Familiars have 40 (Heart.svg × 20) health points. When slain, they will drop Spectral Dust. A summoned Spectral Familiar will treat its summoner as its owner, allowing them to make it sit/follow via usage. If given a metal ingot, Coal, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, or Diamond, they will seek out that particular ore block, or a similar one. If it finds one, it will make a noise and sit above where it is. When searching for ores, it will turn a different color. The searching ability may be used multiple times, but the Spectral Familiar may disappear at any point.

Spectral Familiar.png