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Current developersiChun
Latest version7.0.1
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Depends oniChun Util
Crash Landing

Sync is a mod by iChun that won the individual section of the ModJam 3 modding marathon. Sync adds character switching from Grand Theft Auto V to Minecraft. It adds clones, or shells, of the user. They have their own inventory, experience level, and game mode. Only one shell of one person can be controlled at a time. The Shell Constructor block must be used to create shells, which needs to be powered by a Treadmill. A Treadmill generates Piggawatts from a Pig or Wolf running on it. Once a shell is created, the Shell Storage block can be used to store shells when given a redstone signal.

This mod is one of the core mods of Iskandar's Crash Landing modpack.

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