Template:Cg/Smeltery Alloying

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This template is used to create a grid to represent the Tinkers' Construct Smeltery's alloying process.

See {{Gc}} for grid usage and {{Cg}} for crafting grid usage, this page will only cover cell names and additional information.


  • 1: (Optional) First input liquid.
  • 2: (Optional) Second input liquid.
  • 3: (Optional) Third input liquid. Requires second
  • 4: (Optional) Fourth input liquid. Requires third.
  • 5, O: (Optional) Output liquid.

The heights of the input liquids will automatically be adjusted in accordance to each other, and the output liquid height will also be adjusted if it is less than the greatest input liquid. The widths will be determined based on the number of input liquids, as shown below.

Cell properties[(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

Cell # Cell name Cell type Cell classes Width Height Max value
1 O Tank cell - 72px/36px/24px/18px 64px -
2 O Tank cell - 36px/24px/18px 64px -
3 O Tank cell - 24px/18px 64px -
4 O Tank cell - 18px 64px -
5 O Tank cell - 36px 64px -

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