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Template:Infobox DIY/header

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Template-info.png Documentation

This series of templates allows editors to create unique infoboxes quickly.


{{Infobox DIY}} wraps a DIY Infobox.

1: the name of the infobox.

{{Infobox DIY/header}} adds a section header to a DIY Infobox.

1: the name of the section.

{{Infobox DIY/imagesection}} adds a block image / icon to a DIY Infobox.

1: (Optional) The block image.
2: {Optional} The block icon.
noformatimage: If defined, inserts 1 without formating it as an image resource. (Use for sprites.)

{{Infobox DIY/field}} adds a field to a DIY Infobox.

1: the name of the field.
2: The value of the field.
align: Alignment of the 'value' cell. Defaults to 'right'.

{{Infobox DIY/widevalue}} adds an unlabeled field that spans the with of a DIY Infobox.

1: The value of the field.
align: Alignment of the 'value' cell. Defaults to 'center'.

{{Infobox DIY/line}} adds a dividing line to a DIY infobox.

{{Infobox DIY/toggleheader}} adds a section header containing 1 to a DIY infobox if any of its other anonymous parameters is defined.

1: the name of the section.

{{Infobox DIY/toggleline}} adds a dividing line to a DIY infobox if any of its anonymous parameters is defined.

{{Infobox DIY/spacer}} adds a blank space to a DIY infobox.


Gas Turbine Generator
ModAdvanced Generators
Required Blocks

Optional Blocks
Fuel Tank
Power Capacitor

Fluid Intake Valve
Output Module

Sensor Module
Control Module
Efficiency Upgrade

{{Infobox DIY|Gas Turbine Generator|
{{Infobox DIY/field|Mod|Advanced Generators}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Type|Machine}}
{{Infobox DIY/header|Required Blocks}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Controller|{{Gc|mod=ADVG|dis=false|no-bg=true|Gas Turbine Controller}}|align=center}}
{{infobox DIY/line}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Turbine|{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Iron Turbine|link=Turbine (Advanced Generators)}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Gold Plated Turbine|link=Turbine (Advanced Generators)}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Bronze Turbine|link=Turbine (Advanced Generators)}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Steel Turbine|link=Turbine (Advanced Generators)}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Enderium Turbine|link=Turbine (Advanced Generators)}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Vibrant Turbine|link=Turbine (Advanced Generators)}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Manyullyn Turbine|link=Turbine (Advanced Generators)}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Advanced Alloy Turbine|link=Turbine (Advanced Generators)}}|align=center}}
{{Infobox DIY/header|Optional Blocks}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Fuel Tank|{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|dis=false|Fuel Tank}}|align=center}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Power Capacitor|{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Basic Power Capacitor|link=Capacitor}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Advanced Power Capacitor|link=Capacitor}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|High Density Power Capacitor|link=Capacitor}}|align=center}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Fluid Intake Valve|{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|dis=false|Fluid Intake Valve}}|align=center}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Output Module|{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Fluid Output Valve|link=Output Module}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Item Output Port|link=Output Module}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|Pressurized Output Valve|link=Output Module}}|align=center}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Sensor Module|{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|dis=false|Sensor Module}}|align=center}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Control Module|{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|dis=false|Redstone Control Module}}|align=center}}
{{Infobox DIY/field|Efficiency Upgrade|{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|dis=false|Fuel Air Mixer|Fuel/Air Mixer}}{{Gc|mod=ADVG|no-bg=true|dis=false|Gas Mix Compressor}}|align=center}}