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Current developersXhamolk_
Latest version0.4.3
Latest Minecraft version1.6.4
Tech World 2

XACT, or Xhamolk_'s Advanced Crafting Table is a mod by Xhamolk_. It is based around the tedious process of crafting, and making it much easier. With XACT, recipes can be saved into Recipe Chips, which can then be used in the XACT Crafter to automate the crafting process. It also adds a portable crafting solution, in the form of the XACT Craft Pad.

The mod has NEI and Modular Powersuits support. With NEI installed, recipes can be imported to the crafting grid directly from the Show Recipe menu. With Modular Powersuits installed, the Craft Pad module can be installed into the Power Gauntlet.

It also adds a minor, but very useful, Vanilla tweak. When items are put into the Vanilla Crafting Table, and the GUI is closed, the items will now stay in their slots, rather than dropping.

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